Jesus is at the center of all we do. He’s the model that we follow and the savior that we all need. In our culture everyone who leads is known for their willingness and ability to follow.

No matter what we look like, what we’ve been through or where we’ve come from, we are loved by God. We choose to love what God loves. We love our City and every heart within it. In our culture we allow love to lead every encounter, interaction and decision.

We’re always looking for ways to serve others, recognizing that jumping in to help is more rewarding than sitting on the sidelines. In our culture everyone has a place to use their gifts & talents, there are no bench players.

We are devoted to generosity, following the pattern of God. Whether it’s our time, talent or treasure, we believe giving is an avenue for growth in our personal lives and within our City. In our culture generosity is infectious, we all jump at opportunities to bless others.

We are faithful to honor one another above ourselves, reflecting the love Jesus shows to us. In our culture we uphold honor for everyone, no matter what.

Our message won’t change, but we’ll consistently evaluate ways to improve our methods. In our culture we love flexibility; understanding that the right way may be different than how its always been done.

We’re passionate people. We worship God, and we love one another with everything we’ve got. In our culture we recognize passion as a necessary ingredient in the pursuit of God’s purpose in our lives.

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