Written by Amber L. Williams

Releasing the Dead Weight

If you asked any of my closest friends, they’d agree that I have a habit of “overpacking.” I always bring way more than what’s necessary for the occasion. I tuck things away in my pockets and bags for those rare “just in case” moments. It was often difficult for me to move freely due to the heaviness of all the cumbersome stuff I carried along with me every single day. The fear of not having what I needed outweighing my desire to feel less restricted.

In essence, it is in our human nature to want to prepare for the worst. At our core is a deep longing to feel secure, and we take great lengths to sustain a sense of security. The things we carry often help us feel safe because they’re familiar. However, soon the realities of this fallen world remind us that we have a limited ability to predict what’s next regardless all of the excess junk we keep clinging to. We carry extra baggage, within us and outside of us, in an

attempt to protect ourselves from uncertainty. Sometimes it takes a series of trials, struggles, and losses to teach us how to let go of the dead weight by surrendering it all to God.

The story of Abraham (Abram) is a prime example of how surrendering our “stuff” to God grants us access to what He wants to manifest in our lives. One of the very first instructions God gave to Abraham was to leave his country and family behind as he set forth on the journey to Canaan (Genesis 12:1). Although he was receptive to the calling, Abraham insisted on taking his wife, Sarai (Sarah), and his nephew Lot along with him. Along with them came all of Lot’s possessions as well. This posed a problem when “the land could not support both Abram and Lot with all their flocks and herds living so close together” (Genesis 13:6). Dragging along the extra baggage ultimately impeded the journey to the fulfillment of God’s promise! The two of them were forced to part ways. Nevertheless, separating from Lot was necessary to the process and God eventually restored all of what Abraham had to leave behind. TENFOLD!

It’s never too late to lay all the excess at the feet of your Heavenly Father. Are you carrying the weight of grief? Leave it in His capable hands. Are you feeling crushed under the heftiness of worry? Jesus already carried it for you. Will you trust Him with what you’re still clinging to?

Lord, help us to know that we lack no good thing in You. Thank you for our pruning and your provision. Amen.