Written by Joshua Laiche


“And when I am lifted up from the earth, I will draw everyone to myself.” ‭‭ – John‬ ‭12:32‬ ‭NLT‬‬ 

Jesus makes one of the most powerful statements about himself in this verse. He says to his disciples that “if he is lifted up, he will draw everyone to Himself.” The meaning of “everyone” in this context is ALL NATIONS. So, it’s ALL nations that will be drawn to the messiah. Though Jesus was explaining how he would die to his disciples by being lifted on the cross, the meaning of this was further expanded. Not only was he lifted to his death, but he was lifted when he was raised to life from the dead. And before he ascended, he gave a commission to his body (us) to spread the good news. We are entrusted with the responsibility to present Jesus to the World.

But, how do we reach the nations; people from different cultures, backgrounds, and stories? JESUS gave us the KEY, by saying “If I am lifted up I WILL DRAW EVERYONE (ALL NATIONS) to Myself. The World is Thirsty for the Living Water and HUNGRY for the Living Bread! LIFT the Savior up for them to SEE! Do not doubt what he has said, but trust that He is powerful to fulfill His Word. HE said,” I’ll draw ALL PEOPLE unto me…” We lift Jesus so that his name, work, and love is made known to people who have yet to receive him.

Our only challenge as his body is figuring out different ways to LIFT Him. When we do that well, He draws them. To DRAW ALL NATIONS is a reality. Jesus meant what he said by using that phrase. When you lift Jesus, EVERY type of stronghold, bondage, addiction, etc. in a person’s life, comes. But, when THEY see him LIFTED, they will come to where He is. And when they come to him, they are set free from their sin and transformed by his love and power.

In what areas of my life do I need to surrender so that Jesus can be lifted high?

Father, thank you for the impact and influence of your word on our hearts, and for entrusting us with the opportunity to represent you. Lord, give us the confidence and boldness to lift you high in every area of our lives. We pray that your name, character, and love would be revealed to the nations so that they would be drawn to you and transformed by your power forever. We honor and love you forever, for who you are. In the name of our Champion King Jesus Christ, AMEN.